Gottlieb Ranks UK Preseason #7 - BBN Loses Their Minds

By Bean

Posted October 15, 2013, 6:23 pm

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Dude I played the game!  

So yesterday was kinda interesting.  Our favorite college hoops analyst Doug Gottlieb, who now works for CBS Sports, was involved in their 7 team panel to rank the teams 1-25.  Six of them ranked UK Preseason #1.  One ranked UK #7.  Of course it was The Douger.   The guy who always likes to rank teams weirdly, make crazy predictions (Gonzaga will win it all!) and have opinions for the sole purpose of either drawing attention or trolling fanbases, thinks UK is the 7th best team in the nation. 

If he were to rank UK 2nd or 3rd then I could maybe shrug it off.  But 7th?  Who did The Douger think was better than UK heading into the season.  Let's count:

1.)  Michigan State - OK I can understand that.

2.)  Louseyville - No comment.

3.)  Duke - What?

4.)  Arizona - OK this is getting out of hand.

5.)  North Carolina - Put the pipe down Doug.

6.)  Oklahoma State - ALMA MATER ALERT!!!

The Douger reasoned that "most coaches all agree that the Harrison's are a pain to play with," "they only have one ball to go around," and "they finished last season in the NIT."  Awesome logic!  Because where they finished last season has every bearing on this seasons team, considering it's a mostly new roster.  Give me a break! 

He went on to say that LeBryan Nash was as every bit as good as Julius Randle, Markel Brown was a better wing player than any guy on UK's team (talking to you James Young), and that winning with freshmen is impossible to do (does this guy not remember 2012....and he calls himself an analyst). 

I fully believe he did this simply to troll UK fans on twitter.  Look at his Twitter timeline (if you must) and check out his insults to #BBN and how we are inbred idiots.  He also said that the reason the other 6 analysts picked UK #1 preseason and he picked them 7th was "because they didn't coach or play basketball and he did."  He also was known to thug a few credit cards here and there. 

Keep on Trolling Douger!  And somebody show his comments to the team.......and pray they end up facing Oklahoma State somewhere down the road.  Travis Ford is about to be caught in the Crossfire! 


Jumping into Basketball Season

By Weege

Posted October 14, 2013, 3:56 pm

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After the pounding we received from Alabama over the weekend it is finally time to officially jump into basketball season.  Big Blue Madness is this Friday night, followed by an NBA matchup of John Wall vs Anthony Davis on Saturday at Rupp Arena. 

Tickets are still available for the Blue - White Game on October 29th for only five bucks, so if you can't catch Madness or the NBA game the Blue - White Game is the next best thing. 

In other news affecting Big Blue Nation, it was announced today that Nashville will host nine of the next twelve SEC Tournaments.  That's bad news for ticket prices and availability but fantastic news for driving distance.

Leemo's Locks

By Leem0

Posted October 10, 2013, 9:21 am

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Thursday, October 10
 Rutgers at #8 Louisville 7:30 PM ESPN Louisville -17.5
Prediction: Louisville 35-24.  Bet Rutgers +17.5
 Saturday, October 12
 #12 Oklahoma vs Texas (3-2) Dallas 12:00 PM ABC Oklahoma -13.5
Prediction: Oklahoma 37-24.  Bet Texas +13.5
 #25 Missouri at #7 Georgia 12:00 PM ESPN Georgia -8.5
Prediction: Georgia 33-28.  Bet Missouri +8.5
 #14 South Carolina at Arkansas 12:20 PM South Carolina -5.5
Prediction: South Carolina 28-21.  Bet South Carolina –5.5
 #17 Florida at #10 LSU 3:30 PM FOX LSU -7.5
Prediction: LSU 24-17.  Bet Florida +7.5
 #19 Northwestern at Wisconsin 3:30 PM ABC Wisconsin -10.5
Prediction: Wisconsin 34-31.  Bet Northwestern +10.5
 #2 Oregon at #16 Washington 4:00 PM FXS Oregon -14.5
Prediction: Oregon 44-37.  Bet Washington +14.5
 #18 Michigan at Penn St. 5:00 PM ESPN Michigan -2.5
Prediction: Michigan 28-27.  Bet Penn St. +2.5
 #1 Alabama at Kentucky 7:00 PM ESPN2 Alabama -27.5
Prediction: Alabama 34-13.  Bet Kentucky +27.5
 #9 Texas A&M at Mississippi 8:30 PM ESPN Texas A&M -6.5
Prediction: Texas A&M 41-30.  Bet Texas A&M +6.5

Leemo’s Five Star Lock of the Weekend: Northwestern +10.5 and Washington +14.5
2013-2014 College Football Season
Year to date (Straight up picks): 35-7
Year to date (Against the spread): 20-20
Year to date (5 star Locks): 4-4

Mike Marra's Terrible UL Tat

By Weege

Posted October 8, 2013, 10:09 am

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Apparently a tattoo of a clown wearing a straight jacket wasn't quite awful enough for former U of Smell sharpshooter Mike Marra, so he outdid himself by having his brother give him a new rib tat.  Marra referred to his brother as "the best tattoo artist in the game".    If the game is Let's Design an Awful Tattoo then I totally agree - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Below are just a few observations of why this tat is so awful.

  • Getting a hashtag tattoo is just stupid.  His grandkids will be asking him why there's a pound sign in front of the not so catchy #L1C4
  • The cardinal's left arm is at least three times longer and thicker than its right arm.
  • The roundedness of the net doesn't make sense.  It looks like there's a baseball stuck in the bottom of it.
  • The cardinal is wearing a football jersey instead of a basketball jersey.
  • He should've utilized that gross nipple better.  It would have made a perfect basketball.
  • The pin up posters in the background are just flat awful.


When Rick and Cal Get Old, Ten Years from Now

By Weege

Posted October 3, 2013, 4:38 pm

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By Weege

Posted October 2, 2013, 9:59 pm

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We just received our 8000th Like on Facebook!  THANK YOU to everybody who has Liked our site!

Tent City - The Madness Has Begun

By Weege

Posted October 2, 2013, 1:28 pm

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There are already over 650 tents set up outside Memorial Coliseum and that number continues to grow.

There were 595 tents last year, which was the previous record.  That record will likely be shattered by over 100 tents.

Leemo's Locks

By Leem0

Posted October 2, 2013, 12:22 pm

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Saturday, October 5th

#25 Maryland at #8 FSU 12:00 PM ESPN FSU -14.5
Prediction: FSU 35-14.  Bet FSU –14.5
Georgia Tech at 14 Miami Fl 3:30 PM ESPNU Miami -5.5
Prediction: Miami 28-21.  Bet Miami –5.5
#6 Georgia at Tennessee 3:30 PM CBS Georgia -10.5
Prediction: Georgia 45-24.  Bet Georgia –10.5
Arkansas at #18 Florida 7:00 PM ESPN2 Florida -10.5
Prediction: Florida 27-14.  Bet Florida –10.5
#10 LSU at Mississippi State 7:00 PM ESPN LSU -9.5
Prediction: LSU 31-26.  Bet Mississippi State +9.5
#24 Mississippi at AUBURN 7:00 PM ESPNU Mississippi -2.5
Prediction: Mississippi 28-24.  Bet Mississippi –2.5
Kentucky at SOUTH CAROLINA 7:30 PM South Carolina -21.5
Prediction: South Carolina 48-21.  Bet South Carolina –21.5
#22 Arizona St. at Notre Dame in Arlington, TX 7:30 PM NBC Arizona St. -5.5
Prediction: Notre Dame 28-27.  Bet Notre Dame +5.5
#4 Ohio St. at Northwesterna 8:00 PM ABC OSU -5.5
Prediction: Ohio State 27-24.  Bet Northwestern +5.5
#15 Washington at #5 Stanford 10:30 PM ESPN Stanford -6.5
Prediction: Stanford 42-20.  Bet Stanford –6.5

Leemo’s Five Star Lock of the Weekend:  Notre Dame +5.5 and Stanford –6.5
2013-2014 College Football Season
Year to date (Straight up picks): 24-6
Year to date (Against the spread): 15-15
Year to date (5 star Locks): 3-3