Mike Marra's Terrible UL Tat

By Weege

Posted October 8, 2013, 10:09 am

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Apparently a tattoo of a clown wearing a straight jacket wasn't quite awful enough for former U of Smell sharpshooter Mike Marra, so he outdid himself by having his brother give him a new rib tat.  Marra referred to his brother as "the best tattoo artist in the game".    If the game is Let's Design an Awful Tattoo then I totally agree - Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Below are just a few observations of why this tat is so awful.

  • Getting a hashtag tattoo is just stupid.  His grandkids will be asking him why there's a pound sign in front of the not so catchy #L1C4
  • The cardinal's left arm is at least three times longer and thicker than its right arm.
  • The roundedness of the net doesn't make sense.  It looks like there's a baseball stuck in the bottom of it.
  • The cardinal is wearing a football jersey instead of a basketball jersey.
  • He should've utilized that gross nipple better.  It would have made a perfect basketball.
  • The pin up posters in the background are just flat awful.


When Rick and Cal Get Old, Ten Years from Now

By Weege

Posted October 3, 2013, 4:38 pm

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By Weege

Posted October 2, 2013, 9:59 pm

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We just received our 8000th Like on Facebook!  THANK YOU to everybody who has Liked our site!

Tent City - The Madness Has Begun

By Weege

Posted October 2, 2013, 1:28 pm

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There are already over 650 tents set up outside Memorial Coliseum and that number continues to grow.

There were 595 tents last year, which was the previous record.  That record will likely be shattered by over 100 tents.

Leemo's Locks

By Leem0

Posted October 2, 2013, 12:22 pm

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Saturday, October 5th

#25 Maryland at #8 FSU 12:00 PM ESPN FSU -14.5
Prediction: FSU 35-14.  Bet FSU –14.5
Georgia Tech at 14 Miami Fl 3:30 PM ESPNU Miami -5.5
Prediction: Miami 28-21.  Bet Miami –5.5
#6 Georgia at Tennessee 3:30 PM CBS Georgia -10.5
Prediction: Georgia 45-24.  Bet Georgia –10.5
Arkansas at #18 Florida 7:00 PM ESPN2 Florida -10.5
Prediction: Florida 27-14.  Bet Florida –10.5
#10 LSU at Mississippi State 7:00 PM ESPN LSU -9.5
Prediction: LSU 31-26.  Bet Mississippi State +9.5
#24 Mississippi at AUBURN 7:00 PM ESPNU Mississippi -2.5
Prediction: Mississippi 28-24.  Bet Mississippi –2.5
Kentucky at SOUTH CAROLINA 7:30 PM South Carolina -21.5
Prediction: South Carolina 48-21.  Bet South Carolina –21.5
#22 Arizona St. at Notre Dame in Arlington, TX 7:30 PM NBC Arizona St. -5.5
Prediction: Notre Dame 28-27.  Bet Notre Dame +5.5
#4 Ohio St. at Northwesterna 8:00 PM ABC OSU -5.5
Prediction: Ohio State 27-24.  Bet Northwestern +5.5
#15 Washington at #5 Stanford 10:30 PM ESPN Stanford -6.5
Prediction: Stanford 42-20.  Bet Stanford –6.5

Leemo’s Five Star Lock of the Weekend:  Notre Dame +5.5 and Stanford –6.5
2013-2014 College Football Season
Year to date (Straight up picks): 24-6
Year to date (Against the spread): 15-15
Year to date (5 star Locks): 3-3

Big Blue Madness Campout

By Weege

Posted October 1, 2013, 4:17 pm

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Fans will be able to begin camping out for Big Blue Madness outside Memorial Coliseum tomorrow morning at 5:00.  But that's not good enough for BBN, so people are already camping out for the campout.  I have a feeling they're not going to walk across the street in the same order. 

Tubby Smith Inducted into the Kentucky Hall of Fame

By Weege

Posted September 28, 2013, 2:46 pm

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Coach Tubby Smith was inducted into the Kentucky Hall of Fame last night.  The Teletubster got a bad rap for some mediocre recruiting and a string of ho hum seasons his last few years, but when you look at what he did as a whole at Kentucky his accolades were quite impressive.  He was National Coach of the year three times: 1998, 2003 and 2005.  He won five SEC regular season titles and 5 SEC tournament championships.  His teams went 23-9 in the NCAA Tournament including a National title in 1998. 

Obviously he inherited the '98 team, but don't fool yourself into thinking anybody could have won a championship with that team.  The 1998 team wasn't nearly as talented as the '96 team or '97 team, not even close.  Tubby overcame a double digit deficit in three consecutive games to cut down the nets and bring title #7 back to Lexington.  His comeback victory over Puke (down by 18 in the second half) was one of the most impressive coaching jobs I have ever witnessed.  Tubby outcoached Coach K the entire second half and absolutely wore Wojo completely down (with a little help from Jamal Magloire).

Tubby also put together a perfect SEC season (which hadn't been done in 50 years at the time) and would very likely have cut down the nets again if Keith Bogans hadn't injured his ankle.   He was also an overtime away from going to the Final Four against Michigan State.   In Coach Smith's ten seasons at Kentucky he never won less than 22 games. 

Coach Smith ran the program with class and was a great ambassador for the BBN.  People didn't truly appreciate Tubby until the Billy Clyde Gillispie debacle happened. Don't get me wrong, I'd much rather have Calipari coaching the Cats but I have a ton of respect for Tubby Smith.  I got to meet him in person and he is a great guy.  I'm very happy for him to be inducted into the Hall of Fame.  His name deserves to be in the rafters at Rupp Arena and hopefully one day it will be.

Here's a video clip from Tubby's induction cermony speech:



Weege's Wonderful Wednesday Wildcat Whatnots

By Weege

Posted September 25, 2013, 2:59 pm

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Here's what's happening around the BBN:

  • Tickets to the Champions Classic Kentucky vs Michigan State game on November 12th go on sale October 1st.
  • Many experts including Jeff Goodman are now saying they would take Julius Randle as the #1 pick in next year's NBA Draft over Andrew Wiggins.  Randle is impressing everybody that sees him.
  • Dick Vitale is picking the Cats as his pre-season #1.
  • USA today ranks Kentucky as their pre-season #1 as well.  They also listed Julius Randle as a First Team All-American.
  • Who would you guess was the leading scorer in yesterday's scrimmage?  If you guessed Derick Willis you are correct!  You are also a liar.
  • A basketball blog called Run the Floor recently ranked the top coaches by how many Twitter followers they have, and apparently Coach Cal has almost more followers than all the other coaches combined.  Coach Cal has 1,244,546 followers.  The coach closest to him is Tom Crean with 124,481 followers, over a million more.  That is ridiculous and that is the power of the BBN.  #KentuckyEffect

Recruiting News:

  • Trey Lyles, a 5-star 2014 stud has whittled his college choice down to two schools:  Loserville and Kentucky.  Trey has already broken the hearts of Hoosier fans.  If he chooses Kentucky he will do the same to thousands of Lousy fans and will instantly become one of my favorite players.  A commitment from Lyles would also put Kentucky in a great position for yet another #1 recruiting class (assuming a few other chips fall in place).

NBA Former Cats News:

  • Nerlens Noel officially signed with the 76ers yesterday and will be hauling in $3,172,320 his rookie season, $3,315,120 in year two, $3,457,800 in year three (option), and $4,384,490 in year four (option.)
  • Shaq became a minority owner of the Sacramento Kings a few days ago and has vowed to build the team around Demarcus Cousins and mentor him.

Around the SEC:

  • Marshall Henderson The Land Shark will be participating in Ole Miss' first practice Friday.  Apparently you can't stop a Henderson, even with failed drug tests.

Around the NCAA

  • P.J. Hairston is already back with the UNC Tarholes.  Unfathomably, Ole Roy just yelled, "Dadgum it", slapped him on the wrist, and forgave all of his multiple violations.